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Located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, Essaouira lies about 173 kms at the north of Agadir, 174 kms of Marrakech and 406 kms at the south of Casablanca. Essaouira is the capital city of the western region of Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz.


Essaouira’s climate is very mild and is comparable to San Francisco’s thanks to its situation on the Atlantic coast. Unlike the other coastal towns of Morocco, Essaouira enjoys a mild climate all year long with minimal temperatures between 12° C and 13° C from November to February ( due to the Canary current and the tradewinds). The precipitation rate varies between 300 and 400 millimeters a year while the sunshine hours add up to 3000  a year. The rainy season unfolds from October to April and the dry season begins in May until September.
Tourism has grown in Essaouira with lovely hotels and guest houses settled in traditional moroccan riads in the historic heart of the town.

The beach in Essaouira is famous for windsurfing and kitesurfing thanks to the mighty winds which regularly blow in the bay. Essaouira welcomes every year a kitesurfing world cup event.

Essaouira’s ledge is lovely in front of the Dzira facing the little port. There, you will find schools dedicated to surfing.

Located 25 kms south of Essaouira on the road to Agadir, you will discover the unique virgin beach of Sidi Kaouki.


Essaouira is surrounded with Argan and Olive trees. This is a unique chance for the tourists to appreciate the pure Aran oil coming only from this region.
The city walls around Essaouira and its port are a testimony of the Portuguese sailors.
The Squala is an uncommon site that can be discovered a few minutes from the city square where tourists can sit at authentic cafés and enjoy listening to the Gnaoua music. This the square where the Gnaouas’music festival is held every year.
From this square you can tour the streets of the Medina and enjoy the Souiri’s craftmanship. There, you will meet with the fish and spices market as well as a nice small square called the « marché aux grains » where you will find shops and nice cafés.



The town is also known for its arts and crafts ( carving on thuja wood, marquetery, leather work, copper work…) and for its paintings as well.
Essaouira’s port is the third most important sardine port in Morocco after Casablanca’s and Agadir’s ( waters being too shallow for big ships). Fishermen sell sardines, pandoras, hakes, gilthead fish, swordfish, mullets, soles, seabrams and umbrines.
The port is a very animated and touristic place when fishermen return from the ocean and sell their fish at the fish auction.